R’Mahn is an active young teen who enjoys spending time at his local Boys & Girls Recreation Club. R’Mahn likes to play some sports, with his favorite being basketball. Sometimes R’Mahn prefers to be by himself, where you might find him relaxing and reading. In fact, his adoption worker calls him “a very good reader.” R’Mahn also enjoys playing video games with the people whom he likes most.

R’Mahn is learning how to express his thoughts and emotions with others. At times, he can have difficulty getting his point across through positive means. R’Mahn is working to develop appropriate coping skills to help in his everyday relationships. His foster father and adoption worker have seen improvements in R’Mahn’s behaviors, particularly in being courteous to and respectful of others. At school, he is learning how to be more attentive to his teachers and build leadership skills.

R’Mahn is in need of a loving adoptive home with a family who can provide him with structure and consistency. He requires a family who has experience or knowledge in parenting children with emotional needs. The family must be willing to offer him guidance and support as he continues to work on developing positive relationships with his peers. The adoptive family will need to exercise patience with R’Mahn and be strong advocates for his needs in the community and at school. R’Mahn should be the youngest or only child in the home as he requires a lot of individualized attention. He should be supervised around younger children. R’Mahn prefers a two-parent family but if it’s a single parent, he’d like it to be a male.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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