Going National


Your order helps us get the word out about the needs of foster care children who need adoptive homes.

During the Oct. 1, 2016 “Going National” launch and fundraiser, our founder and Board President Helen Zeerip announced Grant Me Hope is taking nationwide its initiative to help older foster children by partnering with trucking companies that will display 2 x 2-foot informational placards (pictured above) on the backs of their trucks that travel around the country.

These placards will educate the public to the nationwide need for more adoptive and foster families and what happens to foster children as they age out of the system.

Nearly two years into this program, Grant Me Hope has partnered with more than 20 trucking companies to put 850 of these educational decals on our nation’s highways. They are working! Grant Me Hope has received inquiry phone calls from several different states from people who have seen our placards. This is a great way to educate our citizens about the needs of foster children.

Please consider joining our mission!

These stickers are on sale and can be ordered any time for $18 each. Print and mail in with payment the form here. Or, for more information, call 616-836-7949 or email info@grantmehope.org.




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