The number of children who spend time in the U.S. Foster Care System each year.


The number of children considered “unadoptable” because they are “too old,” want to be adopted with their siblings, or have specific medical/emotional needs.


The number of youth who age-out of the Foster Care System each year without ever being adopted. Click HERE to learn the troubling statistics.

Our Work:

  • We produce professional, 2-minute broadcast quality videos of foster children hoping for adoption, air them on partnering TV networks across the country and across our social media platforms in order to introduce the children to thousands of potentially adoptive families. Find us on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram and subscribe, like, share, and retweet our children’s videos to help find them a forever home!
  • We also have 3 large homes in West MI that will provide safe, stable housing, mentoring, life-skills training, and Christian discipleship, in a family-type environment with full-time, live-in house parents for foster youth that have aged-out of the system and have nowhere to go. Click HERE for more info!
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