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Is 2 minutes for a foster child enough?

Play Grant Me Hope videos!

Grant Me Hope hopes your church will play our professionally produced videos of foster children who hope to be adopted. Play them as members are being seated. Play them during the offertory.  Play them during worship. It’s two minutes. Can we count on you for two minutes? Will you help us introduce foster children to prospective parents? You never know what might spark a match!

Will you help foster children find adoptive homes?

The Grant Me Hope team will come to your church (or work with you virtually) to introduce our program of producing videos and sharing them to spark interest in more parents. We will explain why there is a desperate need for more adoptive and foster homes. You take it from there! Play a new video each week or once a month, but please make a two minute commitment to foster children!


The Hope Champion is the liaison between your church and Grant Me Hope.

The Hope Champion is a network-builder, a cheerleader, an organizer and so much more! But don’t be put off, Grant Me Hope will be there with you every step of the way as you’re there for your churches wrap-around team and your foster and adoptive families.

Become part of a wrap-around group

Grant Me Hope will help identify the needs of foster and adoptive families within the church and work to build a support network for those families.

Experts in the field agree, a strong support network is the most important tool foster and adoptive families can have. Whether it’s someone to bring a meal now and then, a tutor or mentor, music lessons, respite, babysitting or a hand to hold at a court hearing, the need for support is unlimited.

The church family is a solid place to find that support.

Prayer Cards | Prayer Warriors

When we visit your church family, we bring prayer cards. These cards are photos of Michigan children who are available for and hope for adoption and they display the child’s first name and a few tidbits about them. We simply ask that the person who takes a card, prays for that child; for adoption, for strength, for hope, peace, love and guidance. For the strength of their worker, for their future family and for their future in general.

Prayer Warriors are those people willing to take five to 10 cards and pray for each of those children every day.

Schedule a meeting with a member of a team, plan to have us join you for a service or get more information by emailing

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