Give while you shop!

When shopping Amazon, make sure it’s through Amazon Smile!
Download the AMAZON SMILE app and select Grant Me Hope as your charity
OR: Through a browser, log in to your Amazon account at
(Here’s a TOOL that automatically redirects you).
Select Grant Me Hope once and percentage of your purchases – year-round – supports our mission!


Get the RoundUP app.
Create an account.
Choose Grant Me Hope as your recipient.
Attach a debit or credit card to it.
When you use that card to make purchases, your change is donated to Grant Me Hope! (For example, a purchase of $42.78, $0.22 [22 cents] will be donated to Grant Me Hope!)
*This option gives you lots of control with regular, yet limited giving by setting a monthly cap.

Sponsor or participate in one of our EVENTS

Sponsorships go a long way in helping us fuel our mission.
For more information about our events and what a sponsorship includes, please email

Provide an auction item for Celebrating Hope

Celebrating Hope is our annual dinner/auction fundraiser!
It’s a great evening of delicious food, a fabulous auction and moving speakers.
In the past we’ve had great success with televisions, handbags, bicycles, gift certificates and weekend getaways, but the sky is the limit when it comes to charity auctions! Almost anything goes!
Want to give? Get in touch with us:

Support while you Educate

Order a Grant Me Hope sticker and place it on an item you carry regularly, better yet, your car!
4 inch diameter circle sticker
Buy up to 5 and save! (5 stickers for $10!)
Pricing starts at $3 for one (1) including shipping and handling
If you buy more, add on only $2 for each additional up to 5 stickers.
1 = $3 | 2 = $5 | 3 = $7 | 4 = $9 | BONUS 5 = $10!
At the bottom of the page, enter the amount based on the number you want to order.
In the drop down menu, select “GMH Sticker” to ensure you are ordering stickers vs. making a donations. (**Mobile users: please choose General Fund – we are working on fixing that menu)
Your order will be processed and mailed through the USPS within 48 hours! Stickers bought with cash at a GMH event are always $2!

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