Have you aged out of foster care?

Are you worried about what’s next?

Grant Me Hope can help!

Our Homes are for young men and women who:

  • Have aged-out or will soon age-out of foster care
  • Are seeking a safe, affordable place to live
  • Are motivated to set goals and work with adult mentors to achieve those goals
  • Want to learn important life-skills and some day transition to independent living
  • Want to live in a stable, loving, Christian environment with full-time House Parents and other young people

We believe success includes:

  • Obtaining a driver’s license
  • Gaining steady employment
  • Positive interpersonal relationships
  • Practicing financial stewardship
  • Being active in community service
  • Educational assistance
  • Being equipped with a life plan
  • Stable, independent living
  • Exploring a relationship with God
  • A home to come back to for support and friendship

We may recommend alternative community resources if one or more of the following is true:

  • The individual does not meet the admission criteria.
  • The individual is pregnant.
  • The individual has dependent children that living with them.
  • The individual is not ready to commit to the opportunities and responsibilities available at Grant Me Hope.
  • The individual is looking for emergency shelter only, such as in the event of domestic violence or personal crisis.
  • The individual has a criminal history with either violent or sexual offenses.
  • The individual is a current drug/alcohol user and unwilling to seek treatment.
  • When an alternative housing option would be a better fit.

For more information:

Email or call (616) 928-9926

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