When Marcus opens a can of worms, it’s not because of trouble. He’ll shout the reason from the rivers, the streams, the lakes and maybe even the big blue ocean: “I LIKE TO FISH!!!” he says. So much so that his favorite thing to do after school is fish; his favorite thing to do on the weekend is fish; his favorite thing to do with a forever family is fish. And Babe Winkelman, Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston and all the rest of the famous anglers out there might as well put their boats in dry dock because when Marcus gets older he wants to fish for a living. In fact, among his wishes is “to be such a good fisherman to where nobody could beat me.” Even though he loves fishing, Marcus is hooked on other pursuits such as riding bikes, playing video games and cooking. His favorite food isn’t fish tacos or fish ’n chips but rather fried chicken. And he not only has a wish to fish but also wishes to “be successful in life.” This fisherman has his boots planted firmly on solid ground and wants people to know, “I like to have fun.”

Even though Marcus has had a difficult past, he tries to find humor around him and continues to enjoy life. He exhibits behavior that can be challenging for caregivers, but he thrives on positive attention and encouragement. At school, Marcus does best with additional assistance that can help bring out his best abilities.

Marcus would do best in a forever family with two experienced parents who can give him the one-on-one attention he requires. His family will need to set firm boundaries and be consistent with Marcus’s sometimes challenging behavior. He would do best as the youngest child in the home and has expressed a desire for an older brother. He loves animals and wants a home that has pets. Marcus also enjoys participating in community activities and would love to live in an area where he’d have that opportunity.

Has Marcus warmed your heart? For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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