Alejandro is a true outdoors enthusiast who loves archery, hunting and camping. He “enjoys the country setting and loves animals,” his worker said. When he gets older, Alejandro wants to try landscaping, or possibly becoming a Navy Seal or a firefighter. Alejandro also has an interest in farming. “He likes to operate heavy equipment such as a tractor and a quad,” his worker says. Alejandro’s other interests include swimming and playing sports such as baseball, football and basketball. “He was on his school’s basketball team this past season,” the worker says. Alejandro even enjoys doing outdoor chores such as sweeping the deck and organizing the tools. His other favorite outdoor activities are hiking, going to the park and riding his bike. When it’s time to fuel his body, Alejandro prefers “authentic tacos” and “homemade nachos.” He especially enjoys the Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s. With his future forever family, Alejandro wants to enjoy outdoor activities as well as perhaps playing video games together.

Although Alejandro is social and has friends at school but does have a hard time maintaining long-term friendships. Alejandro does best with his homework and staying focused on his tasks when he has help. His favorite subjects in school are reading and math.

Alejandro hopes for a mom and a dad and older brothers. Although he practices Christianity, Alejandro is open to any faith. He would do best with two parents who understand the impact of trauma on a child’s development and behavior. His family must be willing to make sure that Alejandro receives the services that will help him function at his best at home and in school. He also would do best as the only or youngest child in the home. His worker says it “could be beneficial for Alejandro to have a role model” and perhaps receive added attention from an older sibling. Finally, since Alejandro has a strong bond with his mentors and counselor, it’s recommended that he be allowed to maintain those relationships.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.


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