Phoenix wants a family who’ll share in his love of everything to do with Harry Potter and Star Trek and take him camping, fishing and canoeing. He enjoys dressing up as various characters for those around him. Phoenix likes to wear a cowboy hat and boots or a Harry Potter cape. He also likes trains and the “Polar Express” movie. Phoenix likes going shopping, eating chocolate and playing with his toys. His favorite foods include Hungry Howie’s pizza and lemon meringue pie. Phoenix has a good imagination. “When I grow up,” he says, “I want to be an apprentice for someone … silversmith, possibly goldsmith. I also want to be an inventor.” Overall, Phoenix is soft spoken, smart and has a great sense of humor. And he not only wants a family who enjoys Harry Potter and Star Trek but also one who likes to travel and wants to go to Disney World.

Phoenix is working on managing his emotions and expressing himself through positive outlets. He is learning how to develop appropriate interactions with his peers and adults. Phoenix is trying to improve his reactions to stressors and respecting the personal space and boundaries of others. At school, he is capable of doing well and is working on establishing a consistent work schedule to help him achieve his fullest potential.

Phoenix is in need of an adoptive family who has experience parenting children with emotional needs. The family needs to be flexible and understanding with Phoenix as he adjusts to the adoptive home. Phoenix would benefit from having an experienced mother and father and being the youngest or only child in the home. The family must advocate for his emotional needs in the community and his educational needs at school. The adoptive family must be willing to continue and seek out any support services that would be beneficial to Phoenix’s well-being and development. It is important that the family understands that Phoenix can have difficulty with boundaries and would benefit from guidance in helping him build positive social skills. It is important to Phoenix that he is able to maintain contact with his siblings.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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