Want to get Matthew all revved up? Take him to the land of Lamborghini, which is his dream destination. Or, as Matthew puts it, “any place where a lot of Lamborghini cars are available.” Once he gets there, he’ll find a dealership and ask to drive one of Italy’s hottest rides. For his future, Matthew says he wishes for “a decent car and enough money so I can take care of my family.” And he’ll take a side order of wishes for fame and a nice house. In reality, Matthew is a down-to-earth young man who loves playing organized sports such as football, basketball and soccer. He enjoys playing catch and basketball with his friends. On the weekends, Matthew loves listening to music and getting up early to watch TV. When the hunger pangs ping, Matthew likes nothing better than chicken alfredo, burgers from McDonald’s or the entire menu at Taco Bell, his favorite restaurant. Matthew dreams of becoming a professional football or basketball player when he gets older. But number one on his wish list is a forever family who is active and loves the outdoors.

“Matthew has great potential to do amazing things,” says an adult close to him. “He’s really good at sports, he loves science and he’s a master at playing Beyblades. He also has a caring personality. He works and plays well with others and tries to have a positive outlook on things.” Matthew prides himself in the progress he’s made, and he wants his new family to know that he thanks them in advance.

Matthew needs a forever family who’ll be fierce advocates for him. His new parent or parents should be patient and understanding as Matthew transitions into the home. His new parent or parents must be trauma informed, and they should be able to provide a daily routine. In addition, Matthew would do best as the youngest child in the home. Finally, Matthew has stated a preference for a family who has pets, especially a dog.

For more information about Matthew (C010200) or to meet him, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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