Here’s a pretty powerful proclamation on Marcellous’ behalf: “He deserves a chance at love, laughter, happiness and parents who will be there for him,” one of the adults close to him says. Marcellous is looking for a forever family who loves being active as much as he does. “He loves anything where he can run around and use his energy!” says one of his close adults. Marcellous enjoys dancing and “any sort of physical activity such as running,” says a close adult. He likes playing basketball, especially on weekends. Marcellous takes time away from being active by enjoying things such as working movies and cartoons. “He loves anything electronic,” says one of his close adults. “He enjoys playing on his tablet and listening to music. He loves Elvis and anything with a beat.” Among the top things he enjoys, Marcellous counts chicken as his favorite food, blue as his favorite color, stuffed animals as his favorite critters and math as his favorite subject in school. His favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas, which he enjoys celebrating by eating well, opening gifts and being near the Christmas tree. If he had three wishes, Marcellous would want “to live in a home with a library, have a computer and find a forever family.” Marcellous will fit in well with a forever family who enjoys doing things together, or as a close adult puts it, “anything where he can be active and experience different types of activities.”

“Marcellous is a very loving child who is very outgoing and full of life,” says a close adult. “Marcellous is well-behaved and loved by many. He is very smart and independent. Marcellous is always smiling and is overall a very happy person. Marcellous is unique in his own way. He is a shy but playful youth with a good sense of humor.”

Marcellous needs two parents who are experienced and trauma informed. His new parents must be able to give Marcellous the attention he requires, and they must be fierce advocates for the services he needs to thrive. Marcellous does well with other children, so he can be in a forever family with or without other youngsters.

For more information about Marcellous (C09834) or to meet him, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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