Even though her name might conjure thoughts of royalty, this London’s leadership isn’t necessarily inherited. She acquired it via experience. As one of her close adults explains, “During summer camp, London was acknowledged for her bravery, kindness and leadership skills. She helped her peer to overcome a fear that she shared to go across the zipline. She not only acknowledged her own fear, but she faced it while helping someone else along the way.”

London takes her leadership skills to the pitch and the hardcourt where she enjoys playing soccer and basketball. She likes being outside, riding bikes and playing with outdoor chalk after school. London enjoys reading and playing video games, but her favorite toy or game is slime. Her favorite color is purple, favorite food is baked beans with hot dogs and favorite animals are cats and snakes, although London says she wouldn’t mind having a horse. Her favorite holiday is Halloween because she likes dressing up in costumes and going to Halloween parties. If she had a genie at her beck and call, London would wish “to have longer hair, for my oldest brother not to be so handsome and to be able to go to school later in the day.” She might want to wish to repeat that day she earned recognition at camp because it makes London very proud. She hopes to have similar great days with a future forever family. In fact, her perfect day with family would include “having a swimming party, then going out to eat, having dessert and then going to sleep.”

“London is a sweet child who has a quick smile,” says one of her close adults. “She is very patient and respectful toward others and appears to be beyond her years. She is very intelligent and supportive of those she holds dear. London has great interpersonal skills. She is very attentive during discussions and is able to manage conversations. She is a natural leader.”

Although she wishes to be the only child, one of her close adults believes London would benefit from having a sibling in the home. Her new family should support and encourage London’s interest in extracurricular activities. The family also needs to be open to letting London maintain her important relationships including with her siblings.

For more information about or to meet London (C010595), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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