Jeremy’s get-up-and-go didn’t get up and leave. Far from it! This energetic young man likely has one thing on his mind after hopping out of bed – how soon he can get outdoors. “Jeremy loves anything to do outside,” says a close adult. “Jeremy likes to swim, jump on the trampoline and just be outside.” Playing outside is his favorite thing to do after school, and recess is his favorite part of school. Jeremy likes riding bikes, and if he could go anywhere, he says he’d go to the woods. Jeremy says his favorite weekend activity is collecting eggs from the chickens, which are his favorite animal. His favorite color is red, his favorite food is pancakes and his favorite toy is cars. One of his close adults adds that Jeremy loves keys, playing in vehicles and anything with a motor. When he gets older, Jeremy says he wants to be “a good father.” Jeremy wants others to know, “I am a sweet and loving boy.” If he had three wishes, Jeremy would only use two “to have my own car and to have a family.” Jeremy says he wants to go to the movies with his new family and play outside with them. Go figure, eh?

“Jeremy is an outgoing child who loves people,” says one of his close adults. “Jeremy is a high-energy and curious little man who can be sweet and loving to those he knows well. He does great playing with siblings and overall is a happy boy.”

Jeremy would do well with a single mom who has a good support network, but he’d do best with two parents. His new parent or parents should be experienced, patient, understanding and trauma informed. Jeremy can be placed in a home without other children or with children of any age as long as he receives the attention he requires. His new family must make sure Jeremy receives any services that would benefit him.

For more information about Jeremy (C010446) or to meet him, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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