Isaieh is quite a thinker, dreamer and doer. After all, he wishes to bring Mr. Potato Head and stuffed animals to life, and he wants to become a cartoon character. Maybe Isaieh would be Mickey Mouse because he dreams of traveling to Florida. Perhaps he’d be Emmet from the Legos movies since Isaieh is a Master Builder, and building things with Legos is one of his favorite activities. If he can’t bring characters to life, maybe Isaieh would create them after his wish to become a robot builder comes true. “He likes learning how things work and taking things apart to see how they work,” says one of his close adults. As for the dreamer in him, Isaieh dreams about having a birthday celebration every day. Comparisons to the movie “Groundhog Day” aside, there’s likely something comforting for Isaieh in doing the same thing each day. Call it the soothing simplicity of familiarity. Isaieh likes playing video games, watching TV and movies and anything to do with Baby Yoda. He loves playing with his dog, Coco, after school and on the weekends. On his list of favorite things, Isaieh includes SpaghettiOs for food, white and black for color and math for subject in school. When it comes to a future forever family, Isaieh wishes for a family who’ll play games, play outside and have fun together because “I like to play and have fun,” he wants others to know.

“Isiaeh is a sweet and caring young man,” says one of his close adults. “He sees the best in people and loves deeply. Isaieh wants to do his best and is always polite and appreciative and incredibly thoughtful and loving.”

Isaieh would do best with one or two parents who can provide the care and attention that he needs. His adoptive parent or parents will need to learn about Isaieh’s conditions and how to care for him throughout the day. His new forever family also must be willing participants – as well as advocates – in all of Isaieh’s needs. He would benefit from being the only or youngest child in his new home.

For more information about Isaieh (C010340) or to meet him, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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