Halie longs for the thrill of the hill, the shriek at the peak, the bearer of the terror. In other words, she loves riding roller coasters. “Halie is a fan of amusement parks,” says one of her close adults. “She is up for other adventures, too, and wants to travel, exploring the world.” She might not be a world traveler just yet, but Halie has dream destinations just the same. “She has the desire to live in Tennessee and visit Oklahoma and Mexico,” says one of her close adults. Halie has plenty of other interests as well. She likes shopping, listening to music and getting her nails done. Halie enjoys relaxing while watching her favorite Netflix programs. When she thinks about her future, Halie ponders the possibilities. “Halie has expressed interest in pursuing cosmetology as a future career path,” says one of her close adults. “She is also interested in forensic science and criminal justice.” Halie wants a forever family in her future, and because she’s an animal lover, she hopes they have pets.

“Halie describes herself as having a good personality and being loyal,” says one of her close adults. “Halie can be a great help and has spent time volunteering at a community center that provides after-school programs and tutoring.”

Halie would do best with a single female parent or two parents who are experienced and trauma informed. Her new forever family must be fierce advocates for the support and services that will help Halie flourish. Her family also needs to be willing to let Halie maintain her sibling relationships. She will do best with a family who will be patient and understanding as she transitions into her new home.

For more information about or to meet Halie (C09741), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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