Emily has a big personality and enjoys being in the spotlight. She is happy, outgoing, charming and very endearing. Emily enjoys arts & crafts and being active and on the go. She is not one that enjoys just sitting around and relaxing. Emily is a girly girl and enjoys fashion and getting her nails done.

School is challenging for Emily as she does best on her work with one-on-one assistance. Emily does have a significant medical issue which is easily managed but requires her to see a specialist on a routine basis.

Emily has experienced a lot of loss and grief in her young life and really needs a forever family that is committed to her. She attends counseling to learn how to cope with her past trauma and she is engaging in the therapeutic process. A family that will advocate for her when needed, guide her and make her feel safe is exactly what Emily needs!

Emily is a delightful girl; however, like most children she will push boundaries at times, so experienced parents who can navigate the ups and downs that come with having a tween, would be good, especially a strong mother, something she craves. In fact, Emily would probably do best in a single female home that is active, nurturing, structured and has a good support system. If there are other children in the home, it’s important they are significantly older than Emily.

For more information, contact Lorain County, Ohio, Children Services at (440) 329-5340.

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