Girls – Ohio


Jazmine     Age: 17

Jazmine is very easy to get along with. She loves to read and write poetry, and is very good with all things art related. She loves to be a helper of people and tasks. She loves nails, lashes and all things girly. She maintains good grades in school and desires to graduate from high school and go to college.


Janet     Age: 14

Janet is a very bright, young lady who enjoys doing fun activities in the community. She enjoys school and meeting new people. Janet likes arts and crafts and listening to music. She hopes to continue her educational goals but is still not sure what she wants to be when she grows up.


Adriana     Age: 10

Adriana is extremely creative and loves crafts and creating things. She also enjoys school and has done extremely well in the classroom. Family is immensely important to Adriana. She values one-on-one attention from caregivers.


Hazel     Age: 9

Hazel is very smart in school and math is her favorite subject. She loves gymnastics and art, and also loves to go shopping. She likes animals, especially fluffy dogs, they are her favorite! Her favorite restaurants are Chick-fil-a and Buffalo Wild Wings.


Serenity     Age: 15

Serenity loves Japanese anime. Her favorite thing to watch on TV is “My Hero Academia”, a Japanese superhero manga series. She also loves the music used in the show. She doesn’t like to play sports, but enjoys board games and playing both inside and outside. She likes school, especially math class. She likes to read, especially Japanese manga, which are comics and graphic novels. Her worker describes her as creative, funny and helpful.


Kenayaisha     Age: 14

Kenayaisha is her real name, but she likes to be called Keke. She’s a bright girl with an infectious smile. Keke likes school. English is her favorite subject. She also loves sports – basketball, volleyball and cheerleading. She also likes to dance, has a great sense of humor and describes herself as artistic.


Brooklyn     Age: 12

Brooklyn is a friendly and outgoing youth. She is in the 9th grade and proud of her academic accomplishments this school year. Brooklyn enjoys being active outside. She likes playing basketball, kayaking and spending time with her friends.


Emily     Age: 14

Emily is described as happy, outgoing, charming and very endearing. She enjoys arts & crafts and being active and on the go. Emily desperately wants a mom. She needs a mom who can help one-on-one with homework and understands how trauma effects a child. Emily needs to be the only or youngest child in her forever home.


Eliza     Age: 15

An athlete and good student, Eliza is an all around good kid. She is well-liked and responds encouragingly to positive adult relationships and would well in an active family.


Markia     Age: 14

Markia has various interests including listening to music and watching movies. She likes jumping rope and dancing and has enjoyed learning yoga as well as participating in gymnastics. Markia loves to draw and has created a lot of characters that she then puts into story lines with her teacher at school. She can express her feelings through drawing and talking to others.


Verneisha     Age: 17

Verneisha prefers fun social settings as she simply enjoys being around other people. Verneisha is smart and likes to be challenged. She hopes for a family that likes adventures and vacationing, but mostly she just wants a family to rely on.


Lavayah     Age: 14

Lavayah is a smart young lady who can be very pleasant and a joy to be around. Lavayah says she would like to be adopted by both a mom and a dad who like to take trips and play games.


Courtney     Age: 17

Art, sports, music, theme parks, bring it on, for Courtney, she’s a doer who is quiet, but enjoys her time with people. She has a desire to serve the public when she grows up — check out her dream for the future.


Antonia     Age: 13

Antonia is a girl in need of a forever family. She is very polite and mannerly, and she loves to laugh and be silly. She is outgoing, talkative and very creative with a love of crafts and making things.

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