Lamar was born September 2006. his foster parents describe him as a very intelligent child who is an avid reader and enjoys reading comic books and mysteries. He loves to eat pizza and burgers and his favorite animal is the lion. Silver is his favorite color. He’s a fan of the “Toy Story” movies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Of course like most kids there are things he doesn’t like as well, including spinach, shrimp and steak. He also doesn’t like bugs or being left alone. There are two dogs in his foster home and his foster parents say he’s good with pets. Lamar does hope for a dog along with his foster family.

Lamar enjoys sports whether he’s playing or the spectator. He plays baseball and basketball and he bowls with his foster family. He’s gone fishing and also likes to play pass. His favorite teams are the Dayton Dragons, Cincinnati Reds and Ohio State basketball.

His favorite toys Matchbox cars and race tracks, but he likes anything that moves, including planes and trains.

Lamar attends church regularly. He hopes for a brother close to his own age.

Did Lamar’s video bring a smile to your face? To meet him please contact the Montgomery County, Ohio, Department of Children Services at (937) 224-5437.


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