This 10-year-old describes himself as kind with the ability to cheer people up if they’re having a bad day. In school, Cai enjoys learning math and has started learning about algebra. In his spare time he likes to visit the library to play on the computers, ride his bike and play basketball. He plays on guard on his team now. Speaking of basketball, he hopes the sport is part of his future and that he can play in the NBA. He knows this dream will take a lot of hard work and good grades in school.

He’s a bright, loving child who makes friends easily. He’s doing well in the 5th grade, where he enjoys algebra and fractions. He’s proud of himself for earning a citizenship award and a field trip for good behavior.

Cai hopes for a family where he will have a big brother and a little sister … watch his video to learn why.

For more information about Cai, please call the Hamilton County, Ohio, Foster Care & Adoption Services at 513-632-6366.

GMH child info

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