Antonio is a 9 year old who is in need of a forever family. He would like to have both a mother and father, and he needs parents who are patient, understanding, consistent, caring and able to provide guidance and structure. Antonio enjoys sports, movies and just spending time with the family. He also enjoys building things with Legos and playing with cars, as well as riding his bike and playing basketball. He is working on communicating his feelings better to others. Antonio is making great progress, working on coping skills to help him understand and process his past trauma. He has two sisters he would like to keep in contact with so he may later have a relationship with them. Antonio has had negative male role models in his life, and is in need of a positive male role model. He enjoys attending church and is complimented on being the best behaved child in church. Due to the trauma he has experienced, it is best for Antonio to be the only child in the home.

For more information, contact Montgomery County, Ohio, Children Services at 937-224-5437.


GMH child info

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