Keara and Daisha

SISTERS: Keara & Daisha



Keara seems to enjoy things hot more than not. For instance, she wants to visit Florida and bask in its golden rays. When asked why she wants to visit the Sunshine State, Keara says “because it’s hot.” At dinner time, Keara prefers hot wings, and hot pink is her one of her favorite colors, along with purple and blue. Keara also keeps track of all the hot tunes while listening to the radio, one of her favorite things to do after school. Despite a preference for all things hot, Keara is a pretty cool girl. “She is nice and is well-liked,” says her worker. “Keara is generally bright and cheerful. She recognizes the sincerity of others and will reciprocate.” One of the most important things that Keara wants others to know is, “I am smart, kind and loving.” Her favorite activities include playing basketball and going skating, but she especially enjoys shopping as well as going to the mall with friends.

Keara is learning how to manage her emotions on a more consistent basis. She benefits from additional assistance in the school environment to help her reach her fullest potential.

A forever family for Keara must be willing to adopt her younger sister Daisha. The girls would do best with two experienced parents to help manage their emotions. They will need to advocate for the girls and offer patience.



Daisha is no different from other teenage girls: “Daisha loves clothes, shopping and anything to do with shopping,” says one of her workers. Daisha lists shopping as her favorite thing to do on weekends and favorite thing to do when spending time with friends. Daisha wants to be a lawyer when she gets older. If Daisha could visit anywhere on the planet, she’d go to Atlanta because “it seems fun.” As much as she enjoys shopping, Daisha likes other fun things. She enjoys watching movies after school. She likes ice skating with friends. She enjoys celebrating Christmas and Halloween by having a party. Another thing she wants people to know is that “I’m helpful.” In fact, the worker says Daisha is “pretty good at following directions and completing daily chores and tasks.” When asked what she’s most proud of, Daisha says, “Doing well after everything I’ve been through.” With her future forever family, Daisha has one simple desire: to share family events together.

When she first meets people, Daisha is quite shy but gets more outgoing as she becomes comfortable with them. “She’s also very funny, kind and helpful,” says one of her workers. At school, Daisha does well and gets along with her peers.

Like her sister, Daisha wants a forever family who is willing to adopt her older sister Keara as well.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.



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