William is a sports fan who enjoys participating as well as watching and likes basketball and football the most. His favorite basketball team is the Miami Heat while his favorite football team is the Michigan Wolverines. In school, gym is one of William’s favorite classes. William also likes math because it’s an easy subject for him. He has a creative side as well and expresses it by drawing and coloring. “William likes to draw pictures and sketch in his notepad,” says his worker. William also enjoys helping around the house. “William is compassionate and thoughtful of others in the home,” says his worker. When it’s time to relax, you might find William reading an interesting book or playing an engaging video game. Or you might find him spending time with his friends, which is one of his favorite activities. William also enjoys watching movies with his current caregivers.

William has made great improvements in dealing with his trauma with his current caregivers’ help. He is generally a good, kind-hearted kid. William’s current caregivers say he’ll do well in a home where he gets the attention he requires.

William has stated a preference for a two-parent forever family. His family must be patient with William’s behavior as well as with his need for time to transition into his new home. His family also needs to be strong advocates for the services that will help William process his past trauma and develop proper ways to manage his behavior. Finally, since William has a strong bond with his younger brother, the family must be willing to let him continue this relationship.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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