Qua’Von wants people to know, “I really love sports and video games.” His favorite sports to play and watch are basketball and football. In addition, Qua’Von likes to go snowboarding and fishing. He is also very artistic and enjoys drawing cars and states that he loves his art class at school. Qua’Von’s favorite color is orange, and his favorite food is pepperoni pizza. One of his workers notes, “Qua’Von is a quiet and shy kid who is a good person.” With his forever family, Qua’Von would enjoy attending sporting events, going on vacation, going to church or simply spending quality time together.

Qua’Von has been working hard and is making strides in addressing his past. He is getting help in learning ways to address his emotions and express them through positive outlets. At school, Qua’Von benefits from additional assistance at school, especially in math. He has noted that he loves his art class because he enjoys drawing.

Qua’Von has stated that he would prefer an adoptive family with a mother and father and older siblings. He prefers the country but would be fine living in an urban area. The adoptive family should have knowledge or experience in parenting children who have emotional and developmental needs. The family should be understanding that it can be difficult for Qua’Von to form trusting relationships with others, due to his past, and he benefits from time and understanding as he learns to open up to others. The family will need to be committed to being an active advocate for Qua’Von at school and in the community. The adoptive family must be open to seeking out and continuing any support services that is beneficial to Qua’Von’s well-being. It is important to Qua’Von that he is able to maintain close contact with his brother as they share a close bond with each other.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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