Kyron might be pictured with a bowling ball, but he’s more accustomed to having a basketball in his hands. “Being good with the basketball” is one of the things he says he’s most proud of, and practicing the sport represents one of his favorite things to do when playing with friends. Kyron likes all sports and particularly enjoys going swimming and bowling. Kyron also likes playing with cars, and when he visited the auto show, he loved sitting in fancy ones and likely displayed his beaming grin. And if you want to see Kyron at his most joyous, give him the remote on a wrestling night. “On TV,” Kyron says, “WWE makes me laugh.” Along with smiles and laughter come more serious thoughts. For instance, Kyron says he most wants people to know that he tries to be good, and with a forever family he longs to spend a night playing video and board games together, especially “Battleship,” which he’s very good at.

Kyron responds well to routine and structure within the family setting. Kyron is learning how to manage his emotions and develop positive coping skills such as taking time outs or going to his room when he becomes frustrated. He does best when things are explained in a clear and consistent manner. He also benefits from reading lips, and learning and using sign language will help Kyron. At school, Kyron likes attending his classes, especially gym and math, gets along well with his peers and gets good grades. He admits the hardest thing for him to do is accept when he is told “no,” but he is working to be better in this area. Kyron also noted that his biggest worry about being adopted is that people would be mad at him and tell him what to do.

Kyron wants his forever family to know that he will try his best because he really wants a family. Kyron needs an adoptive family who can provide him a warm, caring and loving home in which he can thrive. He does best with structure, routine and consistency in his daily schedule. Kyron would benefit from a transitional period to really get to know his adoptive family. The family must be able to provide Kyron with guidance and encouragement on improving his social skills and effectively managing his emotions. The adoptive family will need to be active advocates and a true ally to Kyron to ensure he receives all the necessary support he needs to achieve his goals. The family must continue and seek out any additional support services that would be beneficial in helping him transition into his forever family.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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