K’lub has a great smile, enjoys pleasing others and thrives on positive attention and praise. He can be very charming and likeable and enjoys spending time with peers and positive adult male role models. K’Lub likes to relax and go out. He also enjoys playing sports and video games and watching movies. K’lub reports being a Michigan State fan and especially enjoys basketball and football. Above all, K’lub longs for a family of his own who will share his interests.

In the past, K’lub has had problematic behaviors; however, he has shown improvement in recent months. Overall, K’lub is making better choices and getting help to manage his emotions.

Like a lot of children wanting forever families, K’lub’s desires for an adoptive home aren’t too demanding. He wants a family to “stay home and do stuff and to want to go to the store.” K’lub would do best in a forever family consisting of two experienced parents; however, a single male parent could be a possibility since K’lub looks up to male authority figures and would do well with a strong male role model. He would do best in an adoptive home without pets and in which he’s the youngest child. K’lub prefers a family who does not smoke and is Christian though he does not want to be forced to attend church.

For more information about K’Lub, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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