He’s too young to host “This Old House,” but Jesse is a “do-it-yourselfer” nonetheless. He loves working with his hands and takes pride in completing tasks because it gives him a sense of accomplishment. Jesse loves taking on responsibility and having set chores to complete each day. He likes feeling needed by others and is very helpful and caring toward them. When he’s done rolling up his sleeves, Jesse is ready for time outdoors playing basketball and football or riding his bike. When it’s time to relax, Jesse likes watching TV and movies, but he really loves to draw. This warm, caring and sensitive youngster describes himself as funny, smart and a good helper. Perhaps “This Old House” isn’t such a reach after all.

Jesse enjoys learning new things. In the past, Jesse has struggled with behavior, but he just needs to know that he is in a safe environment. “Once he feels safe in a structured environment he has demonstrated limited behavioral concerns,” says his worker. Jesse’s former foster parent says Jesse needs a lot of structure and one-on-one attention at home and in school. Recently, Jesse has been working on his social skills and peer relations and has made steady progress.

“Jesse states that he just wants a family to love him,” says his worker. Jesse would do best with a mom and dad or a single-female parent with a strong support network. His forever family must be able to devote the time needed to help Jesse thrive at home and in school. Jesse will do his best in a structured home with firm rules that consistently enforced.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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