Griffin loves sports and says playing football is his favorite thing to do with friends and that knowing how to play soccer is what he’s most proud of. And the most important thing Griffin wants people to know is “that I like sports.” In addition to soccer and football, Griffin likes baseball and swimming. Like other athletes, Griffin has a bit of a muscleman in him. If he had three wishes, he would want to drive a car, own a Mustang and become Superman. However, this Caped Crusader’s future plans includes bigger things than leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Despite those wishes, he dreams of becoming a teacher to help children learn. “Griffin is good kid with a lot of potential to do well,” his former foster mother said. Griffin hopes to visit Disney World with his new family and wants to go to church with them as well. But the most important thing he wants to do with a future forever family is play sports together.

“Griffin does best in a structured setting when he knows what is going to be expected of him,” his former foster mom said. Positive reinforcement. He is working hard to learn how to manage his emotions.

Griffin would do best with two parents, especially positive male and female role models, who are experienced and have the time to spend with him. When he believes the attention from a male role model is genuine, Griffin will seek it out. Most importantly, his parents must provide structure for Griffin because he functions best in this kind of environment. His family must be loving and patient as Griffin adapts to them as well as his new home. Griffin also would do best as the youngest child in the home. Another critical factor for Griffin involves continuing the services that will help him at home and in school. Finally, his family must be open to letting Griffin maintain his relationship with his paternal aunt and uncle.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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