It’s no fabrication when Eric says he likes having a ball. His most fun generally comes when Eric is playing sports such as football, basketball and baseball. When he’s not on the court and in the fields, Eric might be playing basketball the virtual way. He loves playing video games after school and with his friends. Eric’s favorite toy is the Xbox, and his favorite game is NBA 2K. Even though he’s an active young man, Eric likes to chill sometimes. He says his favorite thing to do after school is relax and take naps, and on the weekends, Eric likes sleeping and reading in the morning. When he’s ready to fuel up, Eric prefers munching on his favorite food, pizza. His favorite color is black, and his favorite animals are dogs. When he gets older, Eric wants to become a mechanical engineer so he can work on race cars. His future dreams also include owning an Xbox, living a good life and traveling to beaches of California or Florida. Since he’s a fun-loving young guy, Eric wants a future forever family who enjoys the same. He envisions traveling with them to California for some sightseeing.

Eric’s worker says, “Eric is typically in a positive space and happy. He has the ability to do well for longer periods of time.” Eric does best with structure and routine. At school, Eric receives assistance to help him function at his best. He says science is his favorite subject.

Eric needs a parent or parents who can give him the attention he requires to thrive. His new parent or parents would benefit from knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child. They must be patient and able to provide structure and routine. They must be strong advocates for the services that will help Eric function at his best. Finally, they will need to be open to letting Eric maintain contact with his sister.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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