Demarko loves playing football. One day, he hopes to set foot on the “frozen tundra of Lambeau Field” in Green Bay, Wisconsin. This loveable “Cheesehead” is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers and dreams of visiting their stadium. Despite being a Packers fan, his favorite color is neither green nor gold. Instead, it’s blue. When he gets older, Demarko dreams of becoming a veterinary technician. He also dreams of having a dog. When he’s not playing football or dreaming about his future, you might find Demarko listening to music. He likes all genres except country and gospel. Demarko also enjoys playing video games, and on the weekends, he likes going to the movies or the arcade. When he gets home, he’d like to munch on his favorite food, pizza. Then perhaps satisfy his sweet tooth with a serving of Sour Patch Kids candy. Demarko has recently taken an interest in theater and acting as well as track and field. He is looking forward to the opportunity to participate on his school’s track team soon. Overall, his worker says Demarko is a “fun-loving teen with a great sense of humor.”

Demarko struggles to manage his emotions and has had behavioral issues related to it. He receives services to help him manage his feelings and behavior. One of his workers describes Demarko as “a neat kid who tries to do the right thing.” Demarko responds best to structure and clear expectations. In school, Demarko has struggled with behavior in the past; however, that behavior was due mainly to frustration that Demarko felt in the classroom. He wants to learn and improve his reading, something he hopes a future forever family will help him accomplish.

Demarko has stated a preference for being adopted by a single-male parent, but he is open to other arrangements. His parents should be experienced. In addition, Demarko would do best as the youngest child in the home. His future forever family must be patient as Demarko transitions into his new home. They also must be staunch advocates for the services that will help Demarko function at his best now and into adulthood. Demarko is very interested in taking his education to the next level and wants to attend college. A family for Demarko will need to advocate for his educational needs as well as support him in efforts to make him college ready as he finishes up high school. Finally, since Demarko has a strong connection with his sister, the family must be willing to let him continue this relationship.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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