David is an avid reader and especially enjoys the “Harry Potter” series. “I like to read for fun,” he says. David is very active. His favorite activities include volleyball, soccer and baseball, and although he doesn’t really enjoy football, he says it’s his best sport. He also enjoys climbing trees. David describes himself as artistic, creative and athletic. David is a friendly child with a great imagination and a natural curiosity about how things work. He can sometimes appear shy and reserved, but he opens up with others once he feels comfortable. He can also be outgoing when he feels comfortable in his environment. David likes cats. He remembers having one climb up on his shoulder and rub its face against his. “It was really cute,” he says.

David is working hard to manage his emotions but can be slow to trust others and benefits from patience in building new relationships. David does well academically. He will exhibit frustration if he doesn’t understand instructions or if he feels misunderstood.

David needs a patient and loving family who can make a firm commitment and provide clear boundaries and consistent supervision. He would thrive in a one- or two-parent home as long as there is structure and a routine. David would do best as the only, youngest or oldest child in the family; “otherwise he may feel ‘lost’ somewhere in the middle,” his caseworker explained. His parents need to be patient and be willing to advocate for the support services that David needs now and in the future. In addition, David would benefit from a transitional period into his new home. Finally, David wants his future forever family to know that he would like to maintain a relationship with his brother.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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