Camron has a friendly and talkative personality. His favorite activities include playing video games, watching TV, playing basketball, and swimming. He also likes drawing and is working on creating his own board game. He enjoys playing video games and being on the computer. Camron is very interested in being involved in a church youth group as this has been a positive experience for him in the past. His current caregiver shared that Camron is fun to talk to and be around. Camron can be very sweet, and he enjoys activities that he may have missed out on as a younger child such as being tucked into bed at night. Camron’s favorite subject in school is math and he would like to be a mechanic or engineer when he grows up.

Camron has difficulty dealing with daily stressors and problems and can struggle with following directions. He functions best when he is given directions one step at a time, otherwise he could struggle with following directions. Camron is very smart, but experiences some difficulty in school. He will need a patient family to work with him and actively participate in support services to continue to strengthen these areas of his life.

Camron shared that he wants to be adopted by a family who is not too strict and will love him and give him hugs. He added he would like to have siblings and a mom and a dad. Camron has benefited from having a positive male role model and will need at least one male parent in his forever home. Camron’s adoptive family will need make sure he receives the services he needs to thrive at home and in school. Camron needs an adoptive family who will be patient and understanding. The family must be willing to work with him with regards to building healthy, trusting relationships. The family should also be willing to allow Camron to stay in contact with his siblings.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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