Brian “BJ”



Brian “can brighten up a room with his smile,” notes one of his workers, and he brightens up people’s days by giving hugs to others. He also likes cars and superheroes. Brian’s favorite foods are candy, chocolate, popsicles, crackers, bread and meat. He likes playing with wooden or magnet letters and puzzles. Brian likes to play on his iPad, go swimming and dance to music. He is very outgoing and personable and enjoys being around people.

Brian is non-verbal and communicates through his iPad. He has made great progress in his communication skills over the past year with his iPad. Brian is working on developing a consistent daily routine. He relies on consistency and can be thrown when his schedule is changed. Brian is learning how to express his emotions through positive outlets and build positive peer relationships.

Brian would do best in a two-parent household due to his needs; if he is placed with a single-parent family, the parent would need a strong support system. Brian is in need of an adoptive family who has experience or knowledge of parenting a child who is non-verbal and benefits from consistency and routine. The family must be patient and willing to continue the structured lifestyle that Brian currently has in place. Brian needs a family who will be dedicated to him and help him reach his fullest potential. The family must continue and seek out any additional support services that can aide Brian as he grows up. Brian thrives with consistency and structure and those are the keys to helping him slowly transition into an adoptive home.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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