Andre seems destined for stardom. He could become a stuntman because he loves doing cartwheels, and he wants a future forever family to take note of that particular talent. Perhaps he’ll become a comedian since he already has at least one great punch line; he says that he wants to travel to Mars because “I’m out of this world!” This variety-is-the-spice-of-life boy has gridiron grit from playing football at school, after school and on weekends, so he could fulfill his dream of becoming a professional football player, unless, of course, taking a nap becomes a possible career. In many ways, Andre already is a superstar who does well at school with reading as his favorite subject. His foster family says Andre is very loveable and a joy to have in their home, adding that he’s “a great little boy.” He’s also described as an outgoing, sincere, happy, engaging and energetic child who’s a “cuddle bug.” In addition, Andre socializes and makes friends at school. He loves food – particularly mac ’n cheese – the color blue and rabbits, his favorite animal. He participates in many family activities such as 4-H, archery and fairgrounds events. With his future forever family, Andre says he simply wants to play and “be happy.” Oh, and show them how he can do cartwheels.

In the past, Andre has struggled with behavior and emotions but has adjusted well to a new school and is well-behaved. Andre does well when given directions and structure. He does best when a male parent takes the lead in developing a strong, mutual relationship. Andre could use help from a strong male role model in developing proper relationships with females.

Andre wants to be part of an active forever family who loves him and has older children in the home to play with. Andre can be placed with one or two parents who have ample time for supervising him. His family will need to establish and enforce proper boundaries for Andre, who would do best in a home in which he is the youngest child. Andre has a strong bond with his siblings, his family must be open to Andre having continued contact with them.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.


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