Aaden   Age: 13  

Future UGA student Aaden is a self-described funny, nice, and helpful child who enjoys spending time with others, having a good laugh, playing outside, and playing video games, ‘Monopoly’, ‘Connect 4’, and football. At school, Aaden enjoys all his subjects, but likes recess and lunch the most.


Jacob   Age: 16  

Jacob is a funny teenage boy with a good sense of humor. Science is Jacob’s favorite subject in school where he gets along well with other students. He has a great imagination that enables him to create games to play with others. At times, Jacob likes to try new foods. Building with Legos or within computer games is his favorite past time. He also enjoys watching different shows on his tablet.


Eric   Age: 12  

Eric, also known as Gabe, is a sweet boy who enjoys playing football, swimming, and riding in a golf cart. He also enjoys sitting outside, playing with action figures, and watching ‘PAW Patrol’ and superhero movies. Eric likes school and earns good grades. He gets along well with the other kids and enjoys participating in art class and P.E.


Isaiah   Age: 12  

Isaiah, born in 2011, is an articulate, outspoken, funny child who enjoys playing video games, watching action movies and going fishing. At school, math and science are his favorite subjects. Isaiah has an interest in learning soccer, martial arts and playing a trumpet.


Cameren   Age: 14  

Cameren is a pleasant, calm, and respectful teenage boy. He enjoys school where he gets along well with others. He likes meeting new people and is a curious youth interested in weather forecasting or becoming a news anchor. Cameren likes all kinds of music, and watching comedy, action, or sports on television.


Max   Age: 11  

Max is a creative boy who likes to be outdoors and engaged in physical activities. Max likes to play baseball, run and ride his bike. He is also an avid fisherman. Max is a Legos enthusiast who enjoys completing building sets.


Joshua   Age: 15  

Fishing, playing football, and watching LeBron play basketball are just a few of Joshua’s interests. Born in 2007, this helpful African American teen who gets along well with other kids also enjoys playing video games, listening to rap music, and watching the movie ‘Friday’.


Kendrick   Age: 16  

Kendrick is a teen with leadership skills who, after he graduates from high school, plans to attend Georgia State to study music then become a rapper professionally. Until then, Kendrick enjoys spending his time drawing, playing cards and building with LEGOs. At school, where his favorite subject is chemistry, Kendrick enjoys socializing with his peers. He is interested in joining a LEGOs or architecture club.


Conner   Age: 12  

Connor, born in 2009, is a smart Caucasian child who earns good grades at school where he is helpful and well-behaved and enjoys socializing with his friends. He also enjoys eating, dancing, listening to any kind of music, and watching movies, TV shows, and football games. Connor needs a loving adoptive family who will give him the attention, support, encouragement, structure, and nurturing environment he needs to continue to thrive.


Keyshone   Age: 11  

Keyshone, born in 2010, is a lovable and family-oriented child who enjoys playing basketball, listening to rap music, watching cartoons and other funny shows, and playing games on his tablet.


Hunter      Age: 14  

Hunter enjoys riding his bike and scooter, shooting a basketball, and watching videos and playing games on his tablet. ‘Hot Wheels’ videos and shows on Nick Jr. are his favorite things to watch.


John      Age: 11  

John, born in 2010, is a sweet, kind, affectionate, respectful, and joyful boy who enjoys playing with his stuffed animals. He likes to throw them in the air and catch them.


Nikolas      Age: 14  

Future entrepreneur Nikolas is a reserved, helpful, and kind  teen who enjoys spending his time bowling, listening to music, and playing games.


John      Age: 16  

John, born in 2006, is a smart and charismatic teen who gets along well with other kids and enjoys fishing, riding his bike, listening to rap music, and watching anime.

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