His name is Hunter, but it could be Fisher since his loves fishing, especially with others. Since he was a little shaver, Hunter has been fishing for salmon, pike and trout. However, don’t expect Hunter to tell you right away about the big one that got away because he is soft spoken and slow to warm up. He also reports that his biggest strength is that he “doesn’t like to talk about himself.” Once he gets to know you, however, he can be friendly and perhaps tell you about the wall-hanger (as in ginormous fish) that he caught one day. When he’s not fishing, Hunter likes spending time alone and with those he trusts. Hunter also likes animals, enjoys playing with his hand-held video games and is protective of those he cares about.

Due to the loss and trauma in his life, Hunter sometimes displays troubling behaviors, but he is working on learning positive coping skills to improve his emotional issues. Due to his behaviors at home, he needs a lot of attention; he does receive services and is making good progress. In school, Hunter reported that math is his favorite subject, and language arts and reading are his least favorite.

Since he’s an outdoorsman, Hunter has stated a preference for a forever family who likes going fishing or camping in the woods. He would do best with two experienced parents who can spend time with him. It is recommended that if Hunter is not the only child in the home that he is the youngest so that he receives the attention he requires. In addition, his adoptive family must be open to Hunter maintaining contact with two siblings. His adoptive family also should know that Hunter likes pets. Finally, Hunter is a bit guarded about his adoption plan and hopes a family will be patient during a transition period as their relationship develops.

For more information about Hunter, please contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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GMH child info

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