Pulling off spectacular stunts is one of Jacob’s specialties. “A unique aspect of Jacob is that he enjoys riding dirt bikes and can do special tricks on them,” says a person close to him. Jacob takes pride in his dirt bike skills and loves riding ATVs as well, but he enjoys other, non-motorized modes of transportation such as snowboards, skateboards and bikes. He also enjoys golf, football and basketball. In quieter times, Jacob likes playing video games and building things with Legos. He says he likes dogs and cats, the color blue and steak, shrimp and chips. If he could visit anywhere, Jacob would go to a water park. “It’s fun and has a bunch of things to do,” he says. Among his biggest dreams, Jacob wants to own a big TV and have an Alaskan husky for a pet. When he gets older, Jacob says he wants to become a police officer in a canine unit. In the past, Jacob has participated in rocket club and has played the clarinet. In the future, he hopes for a forever family and says he looks forward to doing fun things outside the house together.

“Jacob is quiet, kind and enjoys spending time outdoors,” says a person close to him. “He’s a good kid and helpful. He is stepping out of his comfort zone more and more to learn new things.”

“Jacob’s adoptive family should be committed to providing him with unconditional love and support,” says a person close to him. He would do best with one or two experienced and trauma-informed parents. Jacob’s new forever family will need to make sure he gets needed services. They should be patient and able to provide a stable and structured home.

For more information about or to meet Jacob (C010085), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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