Ayden      Age: 15  

Future zoologist Ayden is a caring, sweet, interesting, and playful teen who likes being around and learning about animals (plans to work at a zoo), reading, talking to his friends, and listening to music. He also enjoys playing chess, video games, soccer, pool, and curb ball and watching Kevin Hart movies, ‘Fast & Furious’ movies, ‘Naruto’, and Alabama games. At school, where he earns good grades and science is his favorite subject, Ayden enjoys spending time with his friends.


James      Age: 16  

James enjoys playing all kinds of sports, especially football and basketball (the Celtics are his favorite team), and plans to own a basketball team someday. He also enjoys taking family trips, agriculture, playing video games, listening to all kinds of music, spending time outdoors, and watching game shows, ‘Gunsmoke’, and suspense and action movies. At school, where he is well-behaved, gets along well with his peers, and earns good grades, James enjoys learning about math and going on field trips.


Alex      Age: 17  

Alex is a fun-to-be-around teen who enjoys being around people, in general, enjoys spending his time with his friends, hanging out at the pool, playing video and board games, and watching football games. He also enjoys participating in church youth events, listening to all kinds of music, and watching shows like ‘Arrow’ and movies like ‘Creed II’. At school, where math is his favorite subject and he is well-behaved, earns good grades and gets along well with his peers, Alexander enjoys making new friends and playing football.


Seth      Age: 13  

Seth is described as a good student who hopes to be an engineer someday. Seth also enjoys lacrosse, basketball, reading, video games and participating in scouts.


Eric      Age: 15  

Eric has good sense of humor and enjoys playing video games, jumping on the trampoline, and playing and watching baseball – the Yankees are his favorite team.


Christian      Age: 16  

Christian enjoys rapping, drawing, reading and writing. He also enjoys going for walks, going to the park and beach, listening to R&B and rap music, playing ‘Monopoly’, and playing and watching basketball games.

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