SethSeth      Age: 12  

Seth is described as a good student who hopes to be an engineer someday. Seth also enjoys Lacrosse, basketball, reading, video games and participating in scouts.


Eric      Age: 16  

Eric has good sense of humor and enjoys swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and playing and watching baseball – the Yankees are his favorite team.


Christian      Age: 16  

Christian enjoys rapping, drawing, reading and writing. He also enjoys going for walks, going to the park and beach, listening to R&B and rap music, playing ‘Monopoly’, and playing and watching basketball games.


John      Age: 14  

John enjoys fishing, riding his bike, and playing sports like soccer, football and basketball. He also enjoys listening to rap music and anime shows. He needs a supportive family to find a home with.


Kendrick      Age: 13  

Kendrick enjoys video games, he knows he’s learning something from them! He playing cards. He also enjoys listening to music and hopes to be a professional rapper.


Jaron      Age: 17  

Football, basketball and video games are Jaron’s favorites. He gets along well with his peers in school and enjoys science. He hopes for adoption for the support and encouragement he will need transitioning into a young adult.

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