Aiden and Eiven

Aiden and Eiven      Age: 11 & 10   

Aiden and Eiven are Hispanic brothers who get along well with each other and with other children. They enjoy spending time together, playing soccer and baseball, and reading at school. Aiden, born in 2010, is a bright, shy, and caring child who is determined to be successful in life. Future M16 agent Eiven, born in 2011, is a sweet child who enjoys riding his scooter, playing football and chess, and building with LEGOs.

Michaela, Macie & Bailey

Michaela, Macie & Bailey      Age: 14 & 11 & 11   

Jumping on a trampoline, playing on a tablet, watching ‘Frozen 2’ and ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’, and listening to all kinds of music are some of the things that these sisters like to do. Michaela also enjoys cooking and playing ‘Connect 4’; Macie enjoys playing ‘Connect 4’, going to the park, playing with her toys, and playing in the water; and, Bailey enjoys playing in the water and playing with her dolls and slime.

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