Parishae, Prince, Princess, Promise


Parishae, Prince, Princess, & Promise

Parishae – Parishae loves to dance and create dance routines with her sisters. Parishae is interested in gymnastics and doing flips. She loves doing flips on the trampoline, but will also perform flips on the ground. She is smart and fun and loves to eat and play with her siblings.

Prince – Prince loves to play games on his tablet. He loves to play alone but also gets along well with others. He likes good food. He’s passionate about having a family. Prince likes math but not reading so much.

Princess – Princes loves to flip and play on the trampoline. She loves playing with her siblings and creating dance routines. Princess is very fun, loving, and interested in having a forever family. She is very helpful around the house and loves to help fold laundry and put up clothes.

Promise is very smart and loves school. She’s creative and artistic. She loves to stay busy with her projects and is very good at it. Promise loves to play on the trampoline with her sisters.

For more information, contact the Montgomery County Children’s Services at 937-224-5437 or visit mcohio.org.


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