Forget beaches, theme parks and foreign lands; if Orlando could travel anywhere, he’d go to heaven and spend time with God. Orlando is a religious young man who enjoys going to church. He takes pride in being kind to others and says if he had three wishes, he’d use one to get money for the people who care for him. Orlando’s other two wishes would go for getting more Pokémon cards and “obtaining super powers like the Avengers.” Orlando’s favorite activities include playing outside, riding bikes, participating in sports, exploring nature and spending time with friends. He enjoys cartoons, jokes and funny folks. Orlando likes the colors red and blue, and he says McDonald’s is his favorite food. His favorite animal is the arctic fox. When he gets older, Orlando wants to be a paleontologist, which makes sense because his favorite subject in school is science. Once he finds his future forever family, Orlando says he wants to go to the movies, do outdoor activities and spend time with them.

According to an adult close to him, “Orlando is energetic, playful, chatty and sociable. He is an open book willing to share his life with others. He tries to smile and remain optimistic despite the many challenges he faces. Orlando is empathetic, forgiving and always tries to look at the bright side of life and his resilience is enduring.”

Because he’s religious, Orlando wants a forever family who enjoys attending church each week. He wants a mom and dad. Orlando’s new parents should be patient and have prior parenting experience. His new forever family must make sure Orlando receives the help that will benefit him. Orlando also would benefit from being the only or youngest children in the home. Finally, Orlando prefers a family who has pets.

For more information about Orlando (C09910) or to meet him, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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