If he keeps working on one of his current projects, Michael might put the pressure on J.K. Rowling, John Grisham and other famous authors. “Michael is currently writing a novel,” says one of his close adults. He gets plenty of inspiration for it. Michael loves reading – it’s one of his favorite parts of his school day – and he enjoys the Harry Potter book series and the movies the books inspired. If he continues with his other pursuits, Michael could put the pressure on famous athletes, too. He enjoys playing sports and takes a special shine to football, basketball, baseball and bowling. Some of his other favorite activities include being outside and playing in the snow. Although he likes all colors and all animals, Michael’s favorites are red and dogs. When the hunger pangs hit, Michael prefers satisfying them with his favorite food, fried chicken, and he might wash it down with a blueberry Faygo. He also enjoys munching on Sour Patch Kids. He hopes to find a sweet spot in a future forever family. “Michael would like a family who enjoys having fun and spending time together,” says one of the adults who knows him best.

“Michael is a goofy child with a great sense of humor,” says one of his close adults. “He likes to have fun with friends by talking and hanging around together. Michael likes to joke around and says that anything can make him laugh.”

Michael needs a patient, understanding and caring parent or parents who are experienced and trauma trained. He should be the only or youngest child in his new forever family. Michael’s parent or parents must make sure he receives the services that will help him flourish. Finally, Michael loves animals, especially dogs, and hopes for a family who has pets.

For more information about Michael (C010353) or to meet him, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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