Nothing captivates Kaylee’s imagination quite like unicorns. Oh, she likes horses, too, and wants to work with them when she gets older, possibly becoming an equine therapist. But one of Kaylee’s biggest wishes is to “make unicorns real,” she says. Kaylee also dreams of visiting Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Even though she has big wishes and dreams, Kaylee is pretty down-to-earth. She likes playing Monopoly, going to church and visiting people on the weekends. She also enjoys watching TV shows with imaginative story lines. Kaylee’s favorite after-school activity is napping, but she really is quite active and likes swimming and gardening. Kaylee’s just-right dinner would consist of spaghetti. She says pink is her favorite color, and science is her favorite subject in school. “Kaylee enjoys reading, being outside and being artistic,” says one of her close adults. In addition to wishing to make unicorns real, one of Kaylee’s other big wishes is “to be adopted.” She hopes her new forever family will be patient “to give me time to adjust to their home,” she says. Some of the things Kaylee hopes to do with her family include going to the movies, going for ice cream and going to the zoo.

“I am kind, funny and caring, and I love laughing,” says Kaylee. “I love being around others.” Adds one of her close adults, “Kaylee has a great sense of humor that will bring a smile to your face. When upset, Kaylee loves when you can make her laugh by being silly. Kaylee has a bright outlook on her life.”

Kaylee’s new parent or parents should be experienced and trauma informed. Kaylee would do best as the only or oldest child in the family. Kaylee loves animals and would do well in a forever family with pets.

For more information about or to meet Kaylee (C010245), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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