Nurturing comes second nature to Journie, who longs to use those skills one day. “Journie looks forward to being a mom and having a child to love of own,” says one of the adults close to her. She gets practice at this important job by being a mother to her baby dolls. Journie’s other favorite activities include making art, riding her bike, watching movies and pitching in around the house. She also loves reading and is great at telling stories. When the dinner bell sounds, Journie loves answering it by eating pizza. When she gets older, Journie wants to become a lawyer. If she could visit anywhere, Journie would want to travel to Spain and perhaps explore the ideas of fountain of youth dreamer Ponce De Leon. “Journie states that her dream is to live forever and never grow old,” says and adult close to her. If she does grow old, Journie would want to do it with a forever family, one who will treat her nice and do fun things with her.

Journie is described as a helpful, funny, friendly, talkative and outgoing girl who’s sensitive to others and looks out for their safety. “Her greatest quality is her sense of empathy toward those close to her as well as toward other children who are struggling,” says one of the adults close to her.

Journie would do well with two parents who are experienced and trauma informed. Journie’s new forever family must make sure she receives the services she needs to thrive. She would do best as the youngest child in her new family. Finally, her new family must be open to letting Journie maintain her sibling relationships.

For more information about or to meet Journie (C09703), please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) at 800-589-MARE(6273).

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