Layla      Age: 13  

Future veterinarian Layla is a quiet girl who enjoys spending quality time at home with family watching TV. Disney movies are her favorite. She also enjoys swimming, listening to pop music, and making new friends. At school, where she gets along well with the other kids, Layla’s favorite subject is reading.


Arkisia      Age: 13  

Future state trooper or beautician Arkisia, is a happy, helpful, loving, caring, friendly, outgoing, talkative, and creative African American teen who enjoys swimming, riding her bike, skating, running track, and doing gymnastics on a trampoline. At school, where she earns good grades and excels in math, Arkisia enjoys being with her peers, learning new things, and participating in student government and dance team.


Madison      Age: 16  

Future rapper or veterinarian Madison, also known as Maddie, is a sweet Hispanic teen who is vocal about her thoughts and feelings and enjoys listening to rap music and being around animals, especially hedgehogs. At school, where she earns good grades, she is well-behaved, and gets along well with her peers. Madison’s favorite subjects are visual arts and music.


Arlisia      Age: 12  

Future professional writer Arlisia is a funny, friendly, and creative African American girl who enjoys dancing, reading, writing, listening to hip hop music, and watching cartoons and family movies.


London      Age: 13  

London is an independent, mature, thoughtful, and helpful African American girl who enjoys swimming, making jewelry, and participating in dance and gymnastics. She also enjoys reading comic books, listening to R&B music, and watching JoJo Siwa shows


Gina      Age: 10  

Gina is a sweet, energetic, affectionate, and nurturing girl who loves to bake, spend time with others, dance, take pictures, and play board games.

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