London      Age: 15  

Future pediatrician, London, is an independent, mature, thoughtful, and helpful girl who enjoys swimming, making jewelry, and participating in dance and gymnastics. She also enjoys reading comic books, listening to R&B music, and watching JoJo Siwa shows. She does well in school and earns good grades. Her favorite subjects are math and reading.


Karma      Age: 14  

Karma is an outspoken and open-minded teenage girl. She excels in school and would like to be a traveling nurse one day. Karma enjoys art and finds music relaxing. She likes to watch both comedies and horror shows. Basketball is her favorite sport to play.


Helen      Age: 15  

Helen is a sweet, friendly, and outgoing teen who enjoys going for walks, riding her bike, listening to pop and hip-hop music, and watching TV shows and movies. Comedies and romantic comedies are her favorites. She also enjoys playing volleyball, cheerleading, and participating in activities at church and school. At school, she is sociable, earns good grades, and gets along well with her peers. Helen enjoys making friends and she looks forward to going to college.


Marylaphine      Age: 12  

Marylaphine is a funny African American child who enjoys watching funny movies, playing soccer and ‘UNO!’, listening to hip-hop and dance music, and drawing. At school, where she earns good grades, is well-behaved, and gets along well with the other kids, Mary’s favorite class is art.


Maya      Age: 12  

Maya is an expressive child who enjoys cheerleading and watching cheer shows and cartoons. At school, where she gets along well with the other kids, Science is her favorite subject. Maya enjoys spending time with her friends.


Tayianna      Age: 13  

Tayianna is a smart and sweet child who enjoys spending time with family, dancing, listening to music, and watching TV shows and movies. At school, where she earns good grades and gets along well with the other kids, Tayianna enjoys reading.


Layla      Age: 13  

Future veterinarian Layla is a quiet girl who enjoys spending quality time at home with family watching TV. Disney movies are her favorite. She also enjoys swimming, listening to pop music, and making new friends. At school, where she gets along well with the other kids, Layla’s favorite subject is reading.


Gina      Age: 10  

Gina is a sweet, energetic, affectionate, and nurturing girl who loves to bake, spend time with others, dance, take pictures, and play board games.

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