Girls – South Carolina


Kyri    Age: 14

Kyri enjoys art and has a special passion for drawing, especially landscapes. Her favorite class is math. Kyri plays the violin and likes all kinds of music. Her favorite escape is reading. She loves Manga and has read all the comics in her schools’ library. When she grows up, she would like to be a criminal detective.


Bella    Age: 12

Bella is a very social child who absolutely loves animals, especially dogs. PBella wants to become a Veterinary Technician when she grows up. Her favorite food is mac and cheese. Bella describes herself as sweet, respectful, and kind. Bella would enjoy a family that likes to cook, spend time together, and who will teach her about projects around the house.


Serenity    Age: 14

Serenity enjoys bowling, dancing, studying, cheerleading, singing, and gymnastics. She describes herself as determined, independent and smart. Serenity enjoys school where she is proud to achieve straight-A grades and enjoys learning in her favorite class, science. She hopes to attend Harvard or Howard for college one day and to become a brain surgeon when she grows up.


Shannon    Age: 15

Shannon is interested in track and soccer. Her favorite subject in school is algebra because she loves math. Once she graduates high school, she would like to become a nurse because she wants to help people. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. She would describe herself as quiet, caring, and nice. Her favorite colors are red and black, and she wants to travel and see Asia.


Lourdes    Age: 16

Lourdes likes to wear makeup and play with her hair. When she gets older, she would like to be a firefighter because she wants to save lives. In her spare time, she likes to listen to the soundtrack from the movie “Frozen.” She describes herself as sweet, fun, and smart. She likes to start her day with a good routine, and to make it better she would love to have french fries because it’s her favorite food.


Kemari    Age: 12

Kemari enjoys going to church and loves listening to gospel music. She likes being around people who are inspirational, active, and positive. Kemari describes herself as patient, loving, and caring. Her favorite season is winter because she loves spending time with friends and family to celebrate the Holidays.Kemari wants to be a cosmetologist when she gets older because she enjoys helping others to feel more confident.


Destiny    Age: 13

Destiny is a very active and adventurous young lady who would enjoy an outgoing family that likes to travel. She loves to try new things and is currently taking a cooking course as well as martial arts classes. Her favorite foods are spaghetti and tacos. Destiny loves reading mystery books, dancing, playing basketball, and making art. Destiny has big dreams. She hopes to attend Clemson University, open a bakery, become a police officer, and eventually become President of the United States.


Sharinna    Age: 15

Sharinna enjoys singing, dancing, and art. She loves to listen to gospel, rap, and R&B. Her favorite subject in school is history because she likes learning about how people have overcome struggles. She wants to become a licensed cosmetologist one day so she can help other people feel good about themselves. Adoption to Sharinna means consistency, support, and having someone who will enjoy spending time with her.


Za’Kayla    Age: 14

Za’Kayla likes to read, do hair and sleep. She loves learning about new things and when she grows up she wants to be a social worker because she wants to help other children. Za’Kayla describes herself as kind, confident and pretty. The most amazing thing about Za’Kayla is that she is smart and intelligent and if she had any super powers it would be to change the outlook on foster parents. The one thing that Za’Kayla wants her forever family to know is that she is AMAZING!


April    Age: 15

April is a sweet, funny, and kind young lady. When you first meet April, she may be shy and quiet, but it will not take her long to warm up to you. She is also starting to think about her career. She has nursing and cosmetology in mind. April is very loyal to those she loves and wants the same respect in return. April is excited to meet her forever family!


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