Boys – South Carolina


Jashon    Age: 15          

Jashon enjoys basketball and hopes to play in the NBA one day. He likes cartoons/anime and playing video games. His favorite games are Prey and Out of Control. His favorite places to eat are Taco Bell and Buffalo Wild Wings but his favorite type of cuisine is Chinese.


Nehemiah    Age: 15          

Nehemiah likes to draw pictures of people, especially self-portraits. He also likes to play sports but his favorite of all is football. In the future he wants to attend college and maybe become a teacher so that he can help people see their potential and become a role model for them. A perfect home according to Nehemiah is a home that knows how to have fun.


E.J.    Age: 14          

Eaderrgin (E.J.) likes sports and his favorite sport is basketball because he feels like it’s a challenging sport. He loves to meet new people and learn new things from them. When he gets older he wants to be a construction worker because he likes to be outside and building things whether it’s cold or hot. A perfect home for E.J., in his opinion, is one that is filled with helpful and supportive people who love him.


Deonte    Age: 15          

Deonta is an energetic and funny young boy with a bright smily and engaging eyes. He loves to ride his bike and play any kind of sport with friends. Deonta loves to color and draw. He has a lot of energy and can always be found outside. Deonta states that some of his favorite foods are pizza, hot dogs, and cake. He also enjoys being around others and playing with his friends.


Jakius    Age: 14          

Jakius is a kind hearted, gentle, and caring teenaged boy. He loves to have conversations and will always make you laugh! He enjoys video games, playing basketball, and playing football. Jakius makes friends easily and loves to talk. He describes himself as funny, intelligent, and curious. He loves to help people in any way he can, especially, helping around the home. Jakius is constantly described as a sweet, caring, and witty.


Adair    Age: 15          

Adair is an intelligent, thoughtful, and driven young man. He enjoys reading anime, teaching himself to draw and robotics. He enjoys science and history. Adair can be shy at first, but once you get him talking about a subject he loves, he is an excellent conversationalist. He also likes to play video games and be on his computer. He is excited to move into a home with his forever family!


Alexiz    Age: 13          

Alexiz is a bright boy who enjoys playing soccer, video games and watching YoutTube videos. Alexiz is fiercely loyal to his friends and sees them as his family. He enjoys doing fun things on the weekends and is usually up for an adventure.
Alexiz is a very enthusiastic talker and will surprise you will his mature conversation skills. He enjoys school, especially lunch time!

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