Nicolas and Christian

SIBLINGS: Nicholas & Christian



Christian, 11, likes Sponge Bob and Ninja Turtles and likes to eat pizza and chicken. He describes himself as “big, cool and loving!”

Christian is thinking about enlisting in the U.S. Army when he grows up. Nicholas has dreams of playing in the NFL.

They’re looking for a home where they can stay together. They hope for a family with a big house, big yard and one with a mom and dad who will let them play lots of video games.



Nicholas, 12, does well in school. His favorite class is gym because he likes to exercise. He also likes math.

He listens to rap and gospel, watches ESPN and loves his headphones. He cleans up his room and takes out the trash.

If you would like to meet Nicholas and Christian, please contact Hamilton County, Ohio, Foster Care & Adoption Services at (513) 632-6366.



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