Ethan & Leland

SIBLINGS: Ethan & Leland



Ethan, 8, has a long list of foods he loves to eat, but like any child, he loves burgers, pizza and macaroni! Ethan has a big smile and his older brother says that even though Ethan is younger, he sticks up for his big brother. He’d like to grow up to be a tattoo artist!



Leland, 10, has a dream of fishing and swimming in Europe. Like his younger brother, he sticks up for his sibling. Leland has a big heart and volunteers to help keep the neighborhood clean. He hopes to work with small machines when he grows up. Both boys like farms and would love to be around farm animals and learn how to ride horses.

They are rough and tumble boys who like to play outside. Ethan enjoys sports, Leleand, not as much. The boys remain close to other siblings and their grandfather. They would like to continue these relationships, so they are looking for a local family that would allow them to stay in close proximity to those family members.

If you would like to meet these handsome young men, contact Hamilton County, Ohio, Foster Care & Adoption Services at (513) 632-6366.



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