Areonna & Robert

SIBLINGS: Areonna & Robert




Areonna has her sights set on the stars … as in Hollywood. If she could visit anywhere, that’s where she’d go because she wants “to be a famous star.” And they might as well mark her star now on the Hollywood Walk of Fame because she wants to become a singer when she gets older. Appropriately, she has a microphone on her wish list along with an Easy Bake Oven. Watch out, Martha Stewart, because Areonna gets baking practice by playing one of her favorite games, “Cooking Mama.” In that Easy Bake Oven, perhaps Areonna would make her favorite food for her forever family, chicken. Speaking of her forever family, Areonna wants them to know she looks forward to going out with them, adding that she also wants people to know, “I’m nice, and I love to help people.”

Areonna has experienced a tremendous amount of loss and trauma in her short life and struggles to manage her emotions. Sometimes, she feels out of control, which can make her upset. She also struggles with difficult behavior, yet she generally gets along well with same-age peers and likes playing with other kids. In school, Areonna’s favorite subject is science.

For her forever family, Areonna needs two experienced parents who will advocate for the support services she requires at school and in the home. If there are other children in the home, her adoptive parents will need to closely monitor Areonna’s relationship with them. Areonna would like a playmate and a family who enjoys fun activities such as swimming, biking, shopping and going to the beach. Lastly, Areonna would like to be adopted by a family who allows her to maintain contact with her younger brother.h




“Robert is an awesome child,” says one of his workers. It’s hard to argue since he’s also described as well-mannered, responsible and “a pleasure to be around,” which all sound pretty awesome. Robert is an outgoing, determined, energetic and friendly child who communicates well with others and “has great common sense.” He’s active, too. His favorite hobby is T-ball, which Robert enjoys so much that “he looks forward to the season yearly,” says his worker. Robert also enjoys playing video games, riding his bike and playing with his tablet.

Robert can become frustrated when things are not going his way. Robert does have a history of becoming angry, which can cause him to fight or bang his head on the floor or table. In school, Robert often acts out after becoming frustrated with his school work and could benefit from assistance.

Due to his traumatic past, Robert needs a patient and understanding family who will advocate for the services that he needs now and into the future. Robert would thrive in a loving, stable and caring home environment. The family also should be able to help Robert deal with trauma and loss.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.




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