Shantaina is described as shy, sweet, creative and imaginative. She loves dressing up by accessorizing and coordinating her outfits. Shantaina also is creative in the kitchen and likes to bake. When she’s listening to music such as Justin Bieber, pop or R&B, Shantaina is equally content sitting with another person or getting up and whirling to the beat. Shantaina loves staying active and participates in Zumba; in fact, gym is her favorite class in school. Going out to eat is one of her favorite things to do, along with going shopping. When asked what she wants in a future forever family, Shantaina said she simply wants one who’s nice, especially a welcoming mother.

Shantaina is very generous and likes to share her personal belongings with other children. Due to her past trauma, Shantaina struggles to feel safe around others but is working on how to feel more secure. She also is working on coping skills to help her recognize and express her emotions appropriately. She does best with a consistent daily routine and one-on-one attention. In school, Shantaina has made progress behaviorally as well as academically.

Due to her safety concerns, Shantaina will need to feel safe and protected within her forever family, who must be patient and allow Shantaina time to transition into her new home. She wants a single-female parent but could benefit from two experienced parents who have the time to give her the attention she needs. Her parents should be experienced and able to ensure Shantaina receives the services she needs to function at her best now and into adulthood. She would do best as the only or youngest child in the home, but families with younger school-aged children will be considered. Her future forever family also must be patient as Shantaina transitions into her new home. Finally, it is important that Shantaina maintain contact with her siblings.

For more information, contact the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at 800-589-6273.

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